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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dinner for the progressive patriot

A few days ago I read Swizzy's account of a road trip she took through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria. Scroll down and see the mushroom goulash with polenta she had in Lugano, Switzerland. Drool. I've been craving it ever since.

I tossed a pound of cubed beef in flour, paprika, and salt before browning it in a hot cast iron pot. Then I added three cloves of crushed garlic and poured in some turkey stock (chicken or beef would also work). I simmered covered on low for about an hour. Then I added about two cups whole cremini mushrooms (stems removed) and about a cup of beer and simmered for another half hour or so, removing the lid and raising the heat for the last few minutes to reduce.

The key to polenta is to keep cooking it and stirring (every few minutes) for about 40 minutes. I found I had to keep pouring water to prevent it from thickening too much. The cooking and stirring is what brings out that silky texture from broken starch bonds.

It wasn't quite like the Lugano meal, but it definitely hit the spot.

Obviously a green salad would have been delightful with this. Alas, no greens were to be found in my vegetable drawer, so I served slices of delicious local honeycrisp apples.

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Swizzies said...

Nummers! Did you add loads of paprika? Carrots? Oh well, still looks yummy. I hope you cooked it in a 100-gallon cast-iron cauldron...?