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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Capture The Flag

I knew the heritage breed turkeys from McDonald Farm were arriving at the Food Coop on Monday. I knew the demand would be tremendous. Yet I still took my own stupid time getting there, finally making it in around noon.

I made straight for the poultry coolers and looked. No heritage breed turkeys. I paged: had the McDonald Farm heritage breed turkeys been sent out to the floor yet? The reply: yes, and if you don't see them they're already sold. Already? Holding back my tears I went down to the basement just to make sure. It was like Turkey Grand Central and the shift workers shooed me (and a few other shoppers) out. No heritage breed turkeys! Please go away and let us do our jobs.

As if in a fog I did the rest of my Thanksgiving shopping, simultaneously pulling my Cookie article to find out who in New York City might still have heritage breed turkeys, calling Gourmet Garage (yes!), reserving a turkey (all from my you-know-what-phone, love it). Just as I was about to get in line there was a page about more heritage turkeys in the basement. "That's not true, I was just down there!" I said to Caleb the Freezer Guy. Before I could say "Hey, Caleb, it's me, the lady who interviewed you a few months ago..." Caleb was on the phone to someone in the basement. "There's one left," he told me. "Ask for Carol."

I left my handbag in my shopping cart. I ran downstairs. There were other shoppers following me downstairs. I found Carol, who handed me THE LAST MCDONALD FARM HERITAGE BREED TURKEY. I stroked my bird. There there, sweetheart, you're safe with me.

Ramona, you will be most welcome at our table this year.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Betty said...

Woo hoo! You got your turkey after all!
I'm sure it's going to be great!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Co said...

Cool story. It pays to know the freezer guy.

And I'm curious how much the food coop was charging for heritage turkeys. A friend of mine considered getting one but ... ouch. So pricey.

Adriana Velez said...

The one I got at the Coop wasn't too bad--$44 for a 15-pound bird. That's why I wanted to get mine at the Coop! That's close to $3/lb, which I believe is what you pay for an organic, free-range chicken. 15 pounds is a LOT of food. We'll be eating this bird for a long time. Most importantly, though, it was delicious. So worth it!