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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Sides Link-O-Rama

Okay, you want sides? I got your sides right here.

Click here for my spiced maple sweet potatoes plus a turkey recipe.

I'll be making that, a stuffing making use of leftover focaccia and chestnuts, cranberries with ginger and orange zest, Lindsey's caramel pumpkin pie, and...something green, crisp, and salad-like. I'll be digging through these Thanksgiving recipe sources for ideas.

Cookie Magazine


New York Times

The Kitchn

From the Leonard Lopate show, Ruth Reichl's favorite sides plus loads of recipes from listeners (mmm, maybe those baby brussels sprouts with pecans...)

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Anonymous said...

I asked my friend MWR for suggestions, and he gave me two that sounded almost ideal (for me, anyway--don't know how the kids will feel about the cabbage): roasted cauliflower with mustard-shallot vinaigrette (can be served at room temperature, which makes it ideal for making ahead since I am not hosting); and Red Cabbage Danoise--basically a whole head of shredded cabbage braised with red wine, currant jelly, and red wine vinegar. Oh, and butter.

Then, looking through back issues of Cook's Illustrated, I found a recipe for pan-roasted pear salad with frisee, goat cheese and almonds. For dessert, I'm thinking about an apple-cranberry pie (again from Cook's), since I have both of those on hand (the apples from our tree and the cranberries from a teacher at Newton's school, who has a cranberry farm). I'm also thinking of Lindsey's phyllo cups with cheese, jam & nuts.