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Monday, November 03, 2008

Torta di ricotta and pinkalicious cupcakes

A while back I posted a recipe for torta di ricotta, one of the great, easy dinners. Tonight, after spending too much time baking pink cupcakes for tomorrow's Election Day PTA bake sale, I decided to skip a step, steaming and draining the spinach. Instead, I put some sausage, pine nuts, and chopped garlic in a pan and cooked it in the oven while I prepared the puff pastry and chopped a bunch of Swiss chard. I poured the cooked sausage mixture directly over the chard to wilt it a little, then mixed it with the ricotta (no egg) before filling the pastry-lined pie dish.

I love how it turned out! Just as I thought, the chard cooked in the oven just enough, but not to death. I'll make this again soon.

We just got a copy of Pinkalicious, in which a little girl turns pink from eating too many cupcakes. I was all set to bake lavender shortbread for the bake sale but Jasper suggested pink cupcakes instead. I just hope no one eats too many.

Speaking of Jasper, I posted pictures of his room in the comments section of this post. Sherry is inviting you to share a photo that represents home for you. She looking for "shots that express your creative vision and your family's unique style and spirit. We love photos that celebrate the simple, everyday moments at home." You could win a copy of the book, America at Home, from Shutter Sisters.

When I see the nursery photos from Ohdeedoh I always have to chuckle. Who lives in these rooms?!? Children too young for the plastic, multi-part toys Jasper loves. Children who haven't yet demanded to put their own stamp on their personal space. Children with design parents. Let's give them the reality this time, I think. Let's see how an almost-five-year-old boy's room looks, with the legos and bionicles and cars and stickers and playmobil and pinecones.

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Anonymous said...

As usual, your timing is perfect. I have Italian sausage, spinach and chard in the fridge and knew I wanted to cook them together, but not exactly how. Some puff pastry and ricotta and I am in business.

Or maybe I'll just get more eggs and make another strata with the leftover half loaf of parisienne in the freezer. Lazy, lazy.