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Monday, November 17, 2008

You haven't heard about Motrin Moms?

In case you haven't been beaten over the head by this story, Motrin had an ad up that caused an angry uprising among bloggers and Twitterers. The ad featured a mom complaining about the pain cased by babywearing. I think they were trying to be hip and snarky, but they just came across as condescending and out of touch. The ad offended not just baby-wearing parents (dads included) but parents in general.

Anyway, here are the two smartest posts I've read on the debacle.

And now, mommy bloggers, are you getting ready to put on your yoga pants, hop into your minivan, and drive your DD and DS to Trader Joe's? Here's the Linewaiter's Gazette (download the November 6 issue) with my comparison of the Park Slope Food Coop vs. the Brooklyn Trader Joe's. Guaranteed this will not result in a Twitterstorm.

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Hevansrich said...

No, I actually hadn't heard of the the motrin moms, i'm never that caught up I guess. And I never carried a baby close to my body, I started with twins and became addicted to strollers. And Advil.

And great article about the Coop/TJ's. I definitely have a list of items I get from TJ's - nearly the same things every time (including Kettle Corn!!)
Does the Coop require a membership or some sort of other commitment to shop there? Or is it just for "anyone"?