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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cheating with Maya Kaimal

Coconut curry is not that difficult to make--or at least fake. I'll usually start by heating some curry powder and an array of spices, maybe some minced ginger and garlic, together. Then I add coconut milk and simmer. But sometimes I like to cheat a little, and if you can find a good pre-made sauce, you may end up with something better than you would have made yourself.

My favorite is Maya Kaimal. These are sauces created by a cookbook author and made from fresh ingredients. For Jasper I usually go for the milder sauces. And almost every time I use the sauce with a big can of chickpeas and a chopped head of cauliflower. Last night we had it with purple Thai rice, so it was technicolor meal.

The sauce starts out almost as a thick paste, but liquifies as you simmer it. You can get Maya Kaimal in several markets around the country--yay you! So there's a great option when you're in the mood for good, home-cooked Indian on short notice.

Ugh, my camera batteries will not charge. I thought rechargable batteries lasted forever! Sweets post still to come once I buy new batteries.

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Hevansrich said...

just looking at that picture makes me happy!!
because curry of just about any kind/origin is on the short list of my favorite foods I always try to find yummy kinds to make at home, and try not to be disappointed when it isn't as good as takeaway...I am going to try the Maya Kaimal for sure!

thanks for the post and suggestion!