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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift ideas for under $1

Domino has the usual drool-worth gift guide this month. My favorite, though, is their online gift ideas for under $1.


jack richardson said...

oh those little dishes are delightful! I have some very similar ones I bought from vendors in Vietnam, wrapped in that same newspaper!

I have a question for you/wellalarm: what is your take on flu shots for kids? especially for us here in the warm sun where it doesn't really get below 60 degrees much?

Hevansrich said...

well, now obviously I am not Jack Richardson :-)
but you must have been thinking "what an astute, conscientious little guy!"

(and you'd be right)

Adriana Velez said...

Yeah, I was thinking "wow, Jack must really want to avoid a shot..."

About the flu shot, I really think it depends. It makes me so nervous. In general, I think the big vaccinations are important and necessary. But I think Americans tend to go overboard and I suspect that this is at least partly responsible for the autoimmune disease epidemic sweeping the nation.

So...because Jasper (and Lane and I) have robust immune systems we're skipping the flu shot. It may be worth it for people who catch everything, though.

Another concern is that most versions of the flu vaccine are made with thimerosal, which as been tied with autism. I'm not even comfortable with trace amounts, but it's a highly controversial issue and the evidence is not conclusive. Here's an article from the CDC:

Hevansrich said...

for no concrete reasons (other than a vague concern for "too many shots") I try to avoid flu shots for any and all of us here - using the warmer weather (and our robust immune systems as well!) as our excuses (although we are off to snowy cold Utah in a week or so) - Our pediatrician's office is always pushing the flu shot, but I've avoided them the past few years. Thanks for the information.