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Friday, December 12, 2008

Pot roast tacos

I was inspired but Lindsey's chilaquiles but wanted to make something way, way simpler. So I put some seasoned, browned chuck in the crock pot along with three dried pasilla chiles, 1/2 cup orange juice, bay leaves, three cloves of garlic, and the stems from a bunch of cilantro.

I let it all cook for about five hours. Then I removed the meat and let it cool enough to shred. Meanwhile I removed the cilantro stems and poured everything else into a saucepan to reduce a little. I pureed this into a delcious sauce to serve with the tacos--along with shredded radicchio and Greek yogurt. Easy and tasty.

Between visiting Santa and attending a gift-wrapping party I'm going to try to make Christmas cookies this weekend! What are you doing this weekend?


Hevansrich said...

this weekend = two soccer games, one cross country practice, the Nutcracker with grandma, staff Christmas party with husband, teaching primary, and trying to finish up several computer projects while fighting with the kids for the computer. Thanks for asking!

I love things cooked/served with yogurt....

Luisa Giugliano said...

attend quaker christmas play
shop at makie with my mother-in-law
eat dosa