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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tuna casserole

I made a tuna casserole the other night. I saw the tuna a la king on Chez What and it just looked good. I believe this may have been my very first tuna casserole, though it may not be my last.

I made a bechamel and then added lots and lots of sharp cheddar cheese. Then I stirred in the tuna (canned in olive oil) and the pasta, and then finally the peas straight from the freezer (so they wouldn't go mushy). Then I topped it all with a little parmigiana and baked it in the oven for about 20 minutes.

It was only after dinner that Lane told me the ideal topping for tuna casserole is potato chip crumbs--which is all the more tragic since I actually threw away a bag of potato chip crumbs just that afternoon.

Also this weekend I read Swizzy's last dispatch of her travels, which induced another dinner of goulash and polenta. This was Friday night, when we were in the midst of a blizzard, so this was just the thing for such weather.

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doggybloggy said...

who doesnt like a shout out...thanks! and I will be trying the chip crust- I wonder if corn chips would work as well? I often use chips as a crust for fish so this makes sense.