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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Final Obamalot dispatch

Early Tuesday morning our hosts got together with some neighbors and walked to the mall, eventually finding a good spot near the WWII monument. They said it was crazy, but very civilized, and they had excellent views of the JumboTron screens. Only a few people boo-ed when Bush was mentioned, and one woman said, "Have some respect! His parents are up there!" Just after Obama was sworn in everyone went berzerk with joy. No one was arrested.

We enjoyed watching the proceedings from our friends' cozy den, buried under blankets on a chilly morning, breathing the same DC air as the new president.

Our friends left early, during the poem, and met us at Bistrot du Coin where we celebrated with cocktails, frites, mussels, decadent creamed spinach, garlicky haricot vert, ravioles du royan and other treats. I had a duck salad as a nod to the Inaugural luncheon. Two hours later revelers were still streaming down the street!

Our friend, Stella, was one of many ticket holders who could not get into the Mall at all, but she also enjoyed watching the inauguration from a warmer location.

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Diana said...

SO AWESOME that you went!! Love your posts and pix. Sorry about the hand, glad it wasn't worse!