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Monday, January 19, 2009

Obamalot dispatch #2

Lane rode his bike to the Mall yesterday to attend the We Are One concert.* I got the occasional text message from him, beginning with a rather disappointing "this is kinda dumb" and "the best part was the ride over," but that was before the concert even got started. From his report, there were a lot of people there, but not a dangerous number and pretty much all well-behaved, upstanding citizens. (Yes, for Lane that's always a bit of a disappointment.) But once the music started he had a great time. The high point for him was Stevie Wonder singing "Higher Ground," and he thought that should have been the closing number instead of U2 singing "Pride in the Name of Love." Obama spoke at the concert as well, which was thrilling. Lane's really glad he went. I'm a little envious.

Meanwhile, I left Jasper at home with our football-watching friend (the playoffs) and took a walk with our chocolate-loving friend to 18th Street. We went to the Biagio Fine Chocolate shop. They have a great selection, including Vosges, Mirabelle hot chocolate, several European lines, and locally-made confections. We picked some tempting pieces from the counter, including these two Inaugural-themed bon bons. Finally, chocolate you can believe in!

Also at Biagio there was a show of Obama campaign photos by Scout Tufankjian.

Our hosts held a dinner party and someone brought this cake from Firehook.

*Does anyone else think of LMGs when they hear "We Are One"? Anyone? Just me?

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