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Friday, January 02, 2009

What I made for Christmas

Here I am, at the end of New Year's Day, finally updating my blog after a long holiday. I'll give you just the food highlights.

On Christmas Eve the three of us attended our friend, Karen's party. The best part was when Jasper fell asleep and we turned up the music to dance. I made the al di la Swiss chard malfatti and another gingerbread bûche de noël, this time decorated with Papa Bubble candy. It included a marzipan mushroom, rabbit, and snake slithering over almond brittle. I hated leaving it behind.

After the toy-unwrapping frenzy, which was glorious, we had dinner with friends and neighbors. I roasted a capon, which you can see here (there's something just vulgar about this photo--I'll have to remember to photograph from the other end next time). I stuffed butter with lemon juice and thyme under the skin and filled the cavity with lemon halves and more thyme. I also gave it a salt rub; most poultry will benefit from such spa treatments. It did pretty much taste like chicken, only slightly different.

I also made a crudités platter, which I copied from a baby shower I just attended. Usually the crudités platter consitst of the same tiresome combinations--doesn't anyone get sick of confronting yet another plate of baby carrots and hummos? But Vicky's had raddishes, radicchio, and grown-up carrots cut into long, curly sticks. Her yogurt sauce is made with minced fresh ginger and scallions. So tasty and easy. And don't you think it looks especially festive for the holidays?


ks said...

Oh, please tell me more about this yogurt sauce with ginger and scallions. Was there anything else added? Perhaps some soy sauce or sesame oil? Maybe some cilantro and lime juice? I need a non-ranch crudite dip for tomorrow--Sat. 1/3/09 (that's the first time I've put down an '09 date). You'd be ever so helpful!

Oh, and Happy New Year to all of you.

Adriana Velez said...

It's just yogurt, minced ginger, and scallions. That's it! Somehow it ends up tasting like it has lemongrass, though.

ks said...

Thank you so much! I'm going to make some right now and let flavors meld overnight. It sounds very palate-cleansing.