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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brooklyn's New Culinary Movement is Kinda Narrow

People keep posting on this great article in the New York Times about the food artisans of Brooklyn. Mast chocolate? Let me tell you, it's the first American chocolate I've tried that actually rivals Swiss chocolate (the good stuff that they don't export). I can't bring myself to eat any other chocolate now. Salvatore Bklyn ricotta? Divine. I hear angels singing when I eat it. Six Point Ale--wonderful. Gorilla Coffee--can't live without it.

But I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about this story. All of this action is happening in the gentrified parts of Brooklyn, all the artisans are white, and most of them are male. I read this and kind of thought, gee, look what all those Bard graduates are up to.

Don't get me wrong--I am grateful and appreciative of what they do. I know full well that none of this is possible without gentrification. They're still at it, recession notwithstanding--and I keep buying it, recession notwithstanding. Part of the story is about a community, a network of like-minded folk working towards similar goals.

So then where are the Red Hook pupusa vendors? If they're cool enough to hang out with the kids at the Brooklyn Flea, why aren't they mentioned in this article? How about the rest of Brooklyn--anything else going on? Because somehow I suspect this isn't the whole story.


mamacita said...

Domestic chocolate that's as good as Swiss? I'll believe it when I see it. Might have to save up for one of them there fancy bars.

I was in Italy a couple of years ago during Holy Week. We bought Lindt chocolate easter eggs for our children. When they opened them on Easter morning, I could not believe that such high quality chocolate was for children. And we bought it in a train station convenience store! Nothing precious about it.
I hope that this gentrification/artisanal movement trickles down, so that even the chocolate sold in our convenience stores is one day as good as that in Italy.

Rishi said...

I love the dark with sea salt, but I'm a Bard grad, so what do you expect!

You are so right about this.

BBQ in Bed-Stuy.

Atlantic Ave. Middle Eastern Bakeries. ...

Rishi said...

That was Luisa on R's account, sorry.