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Monday, February 16, 2009

No Sweetiepie for you

School is out for the week. This took me by surprise so now I am casting about for activities. I was excited to take Jasper and meet Lane this afternoon for a decadent ice cream treat at Sweetiepie, an old-fashioned style (but new) parlor/restaurant, but it was closed. I then thought of the Greenwich Ave. tea shop I've wanted to visit since I first moved here, Tea and Sympathy.

Do you forget unpleasant memories and repeat the same mistakes over and over again? Every few years I decide to try to visit Tea and Sympathy, and every time it's there's a long wait and someone trying to get in is rude to me. And then I stare into the windows at that tiny, crowded room with the stupid ye-olde china and I wonder how it could possibly be worth all the abuse.

So picture me standing in front of the door, having just been told by a type-A asshole that as a matter of fact, he had been waiting much longer than I had and was definitely next. I turn to see Lane, grimmacing at the granny trappings and hating it all. He steers us a few doors over to A Salt and Battery for fish and chips--and fried Mars bars. Much more his and Jasper's kind of place. And then he reminds me how lucky we are to live in a city where we can say "screw you, we're going to the other English-cusine establishment on the block." Even if that other English establishment is also owned by the Tea and Sympathy folks.

I still want to go to Sweetiepie, even though I'm sure I'll suffer some abuse there as well.


Sarah said...

Ah, New York-- you can always count on it for those 2 things- verbal abuse from strangers and fabulous food everywhere you turn. I miss it!! You can come visit us here- there are a zillion tea shops like that one, and the English, while they may be thinking all sorts of unpleasant things, will rarely if ever voice them.

shaunamama said...

I have to admit that Tea & Sympathy with it's grandma trappings sounds to me like a quaint little place I'd like to visit as well...sans the rudeness, of course.