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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food Revolution in the News

The New York Times has been all over food sustainability/justice issues this weekend:

A big article in the Business section, which is exciting--this indicates the food movement is gaining traction beyond foodie circles--Is a Food Revolution Now in Season.

In response to the new White House victory garden, the Times produced this editorial on the need to bring fresh produce to our urban deserts. What's an urban food desert? These are neighborhoods in cities where little to no fresh produce is sold--just fast food and processed snacks. It's hard enough for people to eat healthy, imagine how much more difficult if you have to leave your neighborhood to go grocery shopping! And no, not everyone can afford Fresh Direct.

Food and Water Watch is fighting against the use of hormones in milk-producing cows.
By the way, if you live in New York City, there is a similar local effort you can join: I'm really excited about this movement. Even though we send Jasper to school with a packed luck, in Pre-K they serve kids a free breakfast in class--and it includes a serving of milk from rBGH-fed cows.

Here is an article on the comeback of sugar: Sugar is Back on Food Labels, This Time as a Selling Point. This is in response to the high fructose corn syrup backlash.

I'm glad we're backing off from dangerously over-processed sweeteners, but here's the real problem with HFCS, in my opinion: it has made it incredibly cheap and easy to sweeten processed food. And that's what's really behind our obesity and type II diabetes epidemic--TOO MUCH FUCKING SUGAR IN ALL OF OUR FOOD! Seriously, do we really need sugar in pasta sauce? What the hell is it doing in salad dressing and frozen entrees? We need to adjust our palates. This issue makes fire shoot out of my ears because it's literally killing people.

Also from the editorial pages, Food Glorious Food Myths.

Anyway, I don't think the Times is the Alpha and Omega of all things that matter, of course, but I am happy to see how seriously its taking the food movement.


Co said...

Agreed about sugar and I had read that article already. I remember the first time I tasted canned tomato sauce. After a childhood of homemade sauce, it grossed me out... I could taste the sugar. Why? Why? Why? Tomatoes are plenty sweet on their own. Even many recipes I've seen call for added sugar or honey and I just don't get it.

Thanks for the links.

Stella said...

And on food journalism...did you see this in the Post:

Adriana Velez said...

Great article, Stella, thanks!

Kate The Great said...

I agree about the sugar thing, and I just had experience with tomato sauce last week. I bought two jars of Ragu sauce because I had a coupon for it and it was the cheapest option. Yeah, bad idea.

We had some vegetable-filled Ragu on spaghetti one night. The jar touted that it gave the eater over a full serving of vegetables. I thought, well, we all need to eat more vegetables and fruit, right? The hubbin thought it was fine, but I could taste the added sugar in it and didn't eat much. We had lots of leftover sauce.

My family came over to eat at my apartment, and I was planning lasagna. There are two kids in my family, and I was worried that they wouldn't like my lasagna because it had so many adult flavors in it. So I bought a can of unsweetened tomato sauce and added it to the Ragu stuff; I used that in the lasagna. Along with all the rest of the ingredients I put in there, it tasted acceptable, but boy, am I glad to be done with the sugar-filled stuff. Now: what do do with that second jar?

Adriana Velez said...

I would say send it to a food pantry--they are increasingly short on food these days thanks to the economy. I don't love the idea of inflicting high-sugar foods on less-advantaged people, but hey, it's something.