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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We emerged from Jasper's sickness in time to celebrate little girl's blessing on Sunday as our friends opened their doors to celebrate the arrival of Uma. One small guest presented Uma with the gift of a perfect, egg-shaped magnetite rock, and we passed this around as we took turns expressing our best wishes and reading poems. I blubbered on and on about the christening of the Ekdahl daughters scene near the end of Fanny and Alexander--what can I say, newborn babies make me so sentimental. But what I loved most of all was the mother's poem for her daughter. Read Luisa's poem here--it's unbelievably gorgeous.

Lane and I are finished making babies. We love the shape of our three-person family. But I also love it when other people have babies and I loved seeing so many babies (three newborns) at this celebration--and the toddlers, and the five-year-olds running around playing detective. Lane and I found ourselves sitting on a sofa at one point. I was holding Uma (lucky me!) and another little girl climbed up between us. We were so grateful to have been given entre to this world, the world of parenthood. The blessing coming up so soon after Jasper's sad day of illness heightened the preciousness of it all--the danger, the risks, the pain, the bliss, the joy, the hilarity.

Shortly after this golden moment the detectives found me and slayed me with their swords.

Anyway, I'm mulling over the idea of renewal as winter winds down and spring hides around the corner. It feels very far away right now--yesterday's snowstorm was so severe the New York City public schools held the first snow day in five years and this week we will have freezing temperatures. Perhaps we will see spring in the last week of May. In the meantime, the doldrums--winter drags on and it gets harder to keep going, to build momentum. This is when you dig in, when you make chicken pot pie and start looking at seeds. When you force yourself to exercise and finally call that friend. March is a reprieve, a time to prepare for spring.

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