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Monday, March 16, 2009


Do I have any Brooklyn readers?

Zuzuramen opened just this week in Park Slope and I stopped in for take-out Saturday. It is more Momofuku than ramen-dive-around-the-corner, which means it's on the expensive side. Still, I was pleased with what I ordered.

We were fighting off colds this weekend, so I got the spicy green curry miso ramen, which comes with bok choy, mushrooms, and charshu (a kind of roasted pork). I especially liked the copious amounts of fresh Thai basil leaves. I also brought home some vegetable dumplings with shiso seed dipping sauce for Jasper, which he swiftly rejected since they did not resemble the dumplings he had requested--"the ones I ate last time I played Backyardigan games" not being the most helpful description. This was fortuitous as I could enjoy the dumplings for myself. Wrapping is thin but strong enough not to fall apart, just right.

They're not yet open for lunch, unfortunately. But they will start delivery in a couple of weeks. Small dining room woody and sweet, with a glassed-in kitchen.

173 4th Avenue on Sterling

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