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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Adriana's House of Misery

Seasonal Menu

Olbas Pastilles--horrid little herbal cough drops
Aperitif of Acai Berry Emergen-C

Hot and Sour Soup--takeout, delivered by husband
16 Coldcalm Tablets--completely useless homeopathic medicine

Ask our sommelier to recommend a fine albuterol puffer to enjoy through the entire evening, every 10 minutes!

Bedtime Snack
More horrid little Olbas Pastilles
One dosage of antihistamine and one asthma pill--the last ones, freshly dug from the medicine box

Post-Midnight Snack
Half bottle of children's Chestal
More horrid little Olbas Pastilles


janeannechovy said...

So sorry--hope you're all feeling better soon!

liz said...

being sick sucks. feel better soon!

shaunamama said...

Hope you feel better soon! Hot Toddy's are awesome for bad colds.

ks said...

Oh dang, and I was just logging on to submit my challenge to get you to love more (or dislike less) meatless products. Big bummer to be sick--hope you feel better soon.

When you have your taste and appetite back, I'll tell you some of my favorite recipes (super quick/easy) for the miracle-meatless seitan, which is far superior to tofu!

I'm wondering how someone who is sick can still be so clever in her blog...

Now go back to bed.

Adriana Velez said...

Aw, thanks. Sniff sniff.

Rishi said...

feel better sweet one