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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My tofu options

Thanks to those of you who stepped up to my tofu challenge. Here's what people said, both on the blog and in Facebook:

Kate's search came up with this promising recipe from 101 Cookbooks.

Emily says "I'm not even convinced that it's THAT good for you. The jury is out on that one, as far as I'm concerned. The more tofu tastes, feels and smells like meat, the more friends it has. It undoubtedly has very low self-esteem . . ."

I have to agree with this, and with LizNoel's statement as well:

"As a vegetarian, I can't stand tofu. Soy can be made into too many products. That is very, very scary. Tofu is squishy & its consistency freaks me out."

Di suggested this crazy tofu schnitzel recipe made with panko. Why not?

Other suggestions all sound like they would elicit immediate rejection from my audience:

  • red miso soup with seaweed and firm tofu is good
  • deep fried tofu with bonito and seaweed (agedashi tofu)
  • I like to put tofu in homemade pad thai

I've used tofu in pad thai, and it just leaves us longing for shrimp.

KS tells me she has seitan recipes to share. Do tell!

Finally, Andrea says "I only like tofu in soups. It seems like a noodle, rather than trying to replace meat." Good point, though I think I'd prefer a real noodle to tofu.

I'm going to try and venture on my own recipe, a combination of a few of these. I've got red miso paste, soy sauce, sausage, carrots, ginger, mirin, and several spices...

(image via BitterSweet Blog)

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