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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pistachios--whose food is this, anyway?

Have you heard about the pistachio recall? I posted on it today on One Little Bite (also, see my fun depression-era veggie croquettes).

Since this is my personal blog, I'm going to get political here. Once again we face a massive food recall, and once again this points to the perils of having such giant, unregulated food system. Part of the problem with the pistachio recall is that the source, Setton Farms, sends it nuts far and wide to other manufacturers. But because the food industry continues to resist labeling it's harder to trace the path of contamination. Where did the nuts in your trail mix come from? Who knows!

Big Agribusiness has a strong lobbying presence in Washington, but there are still more of us than them. If we really care about our food safety we need to make our voices heard. Tell your representatives that you are in favor of more labeling, stronger safety guidelines, and smaller, more localized food production.

It's YOUR food.

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