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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Find Joy

Sheri and Shari have sent out a challenge: find joy in the month of May. May is usually a joyful month for me anyway--it's when the sun finally comes out (actually, this year we're still waiting...) and it's the month of my birthday and Mother's day. Queen for two days! Love May.

But wait, there are rules to this joy finding:

  • make a list of 3 attainable things that give you daily joy
    (partners, spouses, kids too!)
  • open your calendar
  • find a place on your calendar to fit each joy
  • set your own joy pace, but we suggest once or twice a week, at least

Here is my joy list:

1. Spend my birthday at museums I can't visit when Jasper is with me.
2. Go to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens alone.
3. Plant nasturtiums in my rooftop garden.

What's your joy list?


Heather Richardson said...

1. walking my kids to school, picking my kids up from school, all that time in between

2. getting notice that the library book I've been waiting for is now available for pick-up

3. getting into bed at night with Pete

Month-of-May specific joys: Pete and I celebrating our 12 year anniversary with a three day getaway to our newlywed stomping grounds in LA/Pasadena & my sister's annual birthday visit to us to celebrate her own May birthday.

Kate The Great said...

Drinking several glass bottles of organic, 100% fruit juice a week. With the excuse that I'm pregnant and fruit is what I've suddenly/always craved.

Walking around my large apartment complex when the kids have come home from school. The majority of them are out, lounging, speeding around on various sets of wheels, playing with each other.

Naked nights. Mm-hm.