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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Special Fashion Post: Barbie goes granola

Back around the holidays we were opening presents with Jasper's friend, who received a few Barbie dolls. The astronaut suit one doll arrived in surely ranks as among the all-time great doll outfits, but the rest of the clothes were abysmal. It's not just that Barbie dresses like a slut. Barbie also seems to favor garish colors and synthetic colors. Why must she be so tacky? She used to be such a classy dame.

I vowed to give her a makeover. I'd copy Michelle Obama outfits! I'd create sports uniforms! I'd make a few suits! But as it turns out I'm not a genius clothing designer and I also don't have much spare time. Still, I did manage to knit Jasper's Ariel doll and another doll (who had been living with Wonder Woman inside a seat cushion for at least a year) a couple of sweaters with some leftover yarn.

I also stitched up a black jersey skirt...

... and a sundress that Jasper deemed "too sexy." (How would he know?) He wouldn't let me make them jeans, either, thus revealing his inner Mexican machismo.

We played with the dolls for about 15 minutes with the robots and the blocks. Then he set them down on a table, where they have lived ever since. Now I'm wondering if Wonder Woman will take formerly-naked Barbie back now that she's clothed, or if formerly-naked will hook up with Ariel? Of will either of them go with cyborg love and start dating the robots?


janeannechovy said...

"Inner Mexican machismo"--{snort}

Those are some stylin' doll clothes. I could totally see you wearing them! Sized up just a tad, of course.

mamacita said...

I cannot even IMAGINE the patience it takes to sew hems that small.

Adriana Velez said...

This is what I do when I should be cleaning the bathroom.