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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What we eat when we're busy

Whenever we have friends over for dinner Lane gets to boasting--"We eat like this every night!" I always shake my head because no we do not. Especially lately. I went straight from the Brooklyn Food Conference into our school PTA plant sale with just a day's break between and am only now starting to recover. So, what do we eat when I'm too busy to cook... or even buy groceries?

I'm afraid we went through at least three boxes of Annie's Arthur pasta. I had cheese and crackers one night. Jasper may have eaten pizza twice.

Lane made this after cleaning out the refrigerator: egg salad sandwich (olive oil and capers, no mayo) and romaine salad topped with corn salsa and blood orange juice. Go Laney!

When we had our inaugural rooftop dinner we kept it simple--hot dogs and microgreens salad. (Yes, that's a Sn@pple bottle in my son's hand, and yes I'm ashamed.)

Lane made eggs Benedict with lox and tarragon for Mother's Day. Giving new meaning to the name "eggs BENEDICT" I spent the evening violently ill. But it was delicious going down.

Earlier this week I roasted leeks with rhubarb in olive oil. Don't do this. The leeks were delicious, but rhubarb (even the young, tender stalks) is too tart and needs something, either sugar or another fruit or some sort of heavy, very savory meat. Now you know. We had this with quinoa tossed with toasted pine nuts and diced dried apricots.


ks said...

Being violently ill on Mother's Day deserves a do-over next Sunday! (Different breakfast, of course, but Lane should still bring you food in bed.)

Adriana Velez said...

Hmm, I agree...