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Monday, June 15, 2009

5 1/2

I mentioned that Jasper had agreed to postpone his birthday party until the summer, when we could hold the party in Prospect Park (his birthday is in January). Well, we finally did it this weekend and had a great time. We're so lucky that Jasper has brought all these lovely people into our lives!

But since this is a food blog, I'll tell you what I made.

Spanish tortilla hors'd'oeuvres with garlic mayonnaise, carrot and cucumber sticks with ginger yogurt dip, strawberries, and kid feed (Veggie Booty, Annie's snack mix). Please note my son's plate: he served himself tortilla, carrots, and strawberries, along with the kid feed. Makes his mama proud! Of course, he soon ran away to play and forgot about his food.

Watermelon and lime agua fresca in a jug I found at Target.

My first cheesecake! I used this Junior's inspired recipe, which has a couple errors but nothing fatal. I think mine could have done with another 5-10 minutes in the oven. Jasper specifically requested cheesecake--he loves it.

Technically edible but not delicious was the Sonic pinata we made Jasper. We filled it with candy Jasper and I picked out at Dylan's Candy Bar. The ring pops were a big hit. When the candy fell out I panicked momentarily, wondering if I hadn't packed enough. Then I remembered that it's candy, and that none of the parents probably wanted their kids to eat that much of it anyway. It's the idea more than the quantity, right?

We also made glarch, or tried to. I forgot to bring measuring cups, so I had to eyeball the measurements. Also, the proportions (1:1) didn't seem to work--I think you need far less starch than glue. Still, the kids enjoyed the activity. Instead of giving away gift bags full of little toys I handed out reusable cloth bags for gathering the candy and bringing home the glarch.

The rain held out until after the cake but the party went on. While most of us parents huddled under a tree, the kids and a few brave parents played in the rain late into the afternoon.


Heather Richardson said...

Happy half birthday Jasper! (or should I say Hap Birt)
The party looks fabulous - I love the sonic pinata!
You were the hit of the park, no doubt.

Co said...

Awesome! And congrats on your first cheesecake making endeavor.

Jasper's party gives me hope for a fun park party for my December-born child.

Luisa Perkins said...

Awesome! Are you sharing/have you shared the agua fresca recipe?

Adriana Velez said...

I didn't follow a recipe per se for the agua fresca. I just blended most of a seedless watermelon with the juice of 2 or 3 limes and about 1/2 cup agave syrup, strained it all, and then filled the rest of the jar with water and ice cubes. Agua fresca is usually mostly water, though of course the color comes through beautifully.

A couple of weeks ago I made agua fresca with cantaloupe and mango--so good.

Inge said...

So that's what Glarch is. hmmm...did I spell that right? Anyway it sounds like fun.