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Monday, June 01, 2009

Global cake

You know how you see something amazing in a magazine and think, like foolish Icharus, "I could do that!" And so you try and it turns out to be quite a bit more difficult than you'd thought?

We had our annual International Potluck Dinner at Jasper's school this weekend and I took on this globe (well, hemisphere) cake from Cookie. The cake itself is easy--you just bake it in an oven-proof bowl. The tricky part is sculpting the continents with fondant, a prepared frosting that resembles play dough which you can mold. I used colored fondant, but in retrospect I should have used white fondant and drawn the continents on with food coloring pens. Even better, a catering friend of mine suggested that marzipan might taste better and work almost as well. Next time! Ha ha.

You can sort of make out Finland and Sweden, Africa, Saudi Arabia, India--I ran out of green and had to do some continents in yellow. And then I ran out of blue and had to improvise with a sun in the east and a moon in the west.


maybelle's mom said...

What a super cool cake.

hippittee said...

our valiant chef prevails where others would fear to tread!

Adriana Velez said...
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Adriana Velez said...

Welcome, Maybelle's mom.

Hippittee, this was a humbling lesson in my limitations as a pastry chef!